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Angel of the Day


anauelPerception of Unity

Bible scripture according to this name: Psalm 100:2
“Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing.”
Latin name: Deus Mansuetus
Meaning: The gentle God
Choir of angels (jewish): Beni Elohim
Archangel (jewish): Ariel
Choir of angels (christian): Archangels
Archangel (christian): Michael

This angel helps you find true spirituality and gain wisdom.  Protect against health problems, accidents and keep the peace in families and counteract the evil of enemies.

Influence: Those born under this influence is subtle spirit, shrewd, inventive and distinguished by his work.  Your conscience will only become real words and actions.  Acts as the perfect intermediary between heaven and earth, for his great lighting, understand the mysteries of the links between all things.  It’s a great start, having practiced magic for the good of humanity, in many other incarnations.

Will be eager for knowledge, and appreciation for studies and readings.  Can adapt to any environment or situation with ease and speed, with no major security concerns.  Its critical intelligence, symbolic and orderly will make you have difficulty in choosing the ideal partner.  No worries about diseases, believing in the maxim “healthy mind in healthy body” and when they happen eventually, end up curing themselves.  Too much goodness is its great quality!

Professionally: As an anthropologist or palaeontologist, will be able to perform transformations in history.  Become detached in the study of esoteric philosophies and written about the life of Christ.  For his wit, dedication, and adaptability, can succeed in any career they embrace.

Contrary Angel: Domain madness, decadence and protest for debt.  The person under this influence will ruin themselves because of their misconduct, become corrupt, discovering through their sensory faculties, the weakness of people to exploit them with a certain air of arrogance, borrowing money to live forever pay.

Qualities (positive vibrations, gifts that can be received after invocation)

Perception of unity; Success in human relationships; Initiator of projects and enterprises dedicated to the service of the Divine; Mastery of emotions; Sense of organization and altruism; Administrator, coordinator, planner; Merchant, banker, businessman at the service of the Divine; Visionary, industrialist, manufacturer; Logic, practical intelligence, ease of communication; Global vision of events; Citizen of the Universe.

Distortions (low vibrations that came after abusing the qualities)

Does not believe in a superior power; Lacks common sense and vision; Extravagance, spends more than one has; Ruin, waste; False reasoning, manipulated by desires; Exclusively rational mind; Cold appreciation; Critical and limited mind.

Situations and Common Problems

Communication; Hands; Inventions; Magnanimity; Negotiating; Organization; Peace; Preparation (on all levels); Trades, professions; Unity; Universal, Sense of the.

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