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Angel of the Day



Bible scripture according to this name: Psalm 120:2
“Deliver my soul, O Lord, from lying lips, and from a deceitful tongue.”
Latin name: Deus Triunus
Meaning: The God of Trinity
Choir of angels (jewish): Malachim
Archangel (jewish): Michael
Choir of angels (christian): Powers
Archangel (christian): Raphael

This angel is invoked against enemies of religion and detractors. Protects the true word of Jesus, its missionaries and individuals get involved in ministry to obtain peace.

Influence: Those born under this angel’s influence love truth, are dutiful and fulfil obligations. They have strong powers of concentration and the wisdom to discern and judge. They face issues with maturity in their hearts, feel to great depths that God has reserved a great mission for them.

But where do they start?  Likely to find the right partner, worthy of good ideas and with a noble character, because their mission is to be accompanied by their soul partner. They will want to have children, for them to continue teaching truth. This angel grants the gift of communication, charisma and the ability to learn from various subjects, mainly connected to the esoteric.

They will probably begin their spiritual work at an early age. Seeking the truth of Jesus’ real words in books and be dedicated to serving God. They will always act in harmony with the laws of the universe and teach people how to enter a new path in their lives, one that transcends temples and which comes from the heart.

They have many friends and supporters of ideas and put immense energy into serving the common good. They may have views that conflict with other religions. Experts in many religious dialects they will study in a rational way and be an expert in deciphering the sacred writings. They are transformers of the world, will be blessed with much luck and a wonderful life. They will be very happy.

Professionally: They can be successful as a teacher, doctor, nurse, social worker, psychologist, sociologist or any activity related to esotericism. Their vocation will probably be found in areas related to religion, spirituality, esotericism and metaphysics. He/she might be a great missionary, inside or outside a religious order.

Contrary Angel: Master necromancy, dishonour, the worship of idols, profane rituals, ceremonies and erotic scandal.  A person under the influence of this angel may act with social misconduct where s/he lives.  Have contempt for the meek and those who have difficulty learning.  S/he may be a a false prophet and use their knowledge erroneously, only to benefit from material gain.

Qualities (positive vibrations, gifts that can be received after invocation)

Mission; Faithful servant; Gives unconditionally; Shepherd of souls, missionary; Vocation in relation to spirituality; Heightens faith; Spiritual riches; Non-attachment to worldly things; Acts in an impersonal, detached manner on the invisible plane; Wards off enemies of spirituality; Reveals the Universal God; Capacity to sacrifice oneself, nobility of soul.

Distortions (low vibrations that came after abusing the qualities)

Seeks to convince; Identifies with martyrs, feels persecuted; Fights what one cannot be; Scandalous behavior; Fails in one’s projects; False virtue, based on appearances only; Denies one’s Divinity; Enemy of spirituality; Mockery, scorn, hatred; Inquisition, religious fanaticism.

Situations and Common Problems

Martyrs; Mission, Sense of; Universal, Sense of the; Vocation.

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