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Angel of the Day



Bible scripture according to this name: Psalm 18:47
“The Lord liveth; and blessed be my rock; and let the God of my salvation be exalted.”
Latin name: Deus Exaltandus
Meaning: The exalted or praised God
Choir of angels (jewish): Auphanim
Archangel (jewish): Raziel
Choir of angels (christian): Cherubim

This angel is invoked against the torments of the spirit, sadness and predisposes to sleep well. Favours the high sciences, discoveries and makes wonderful revelations in dreams.

Influence: Those born under this angel’s influence, have the ability to understand symbolic messages and revelations. The astral world is manifested through the unconscious, experiencing visions, premonitions, or even images of higher worlds. Their psychic abilities are manifested in the small details, such as music, poetry, literature and philosophy.

Their redemption on earth is very beautiful, because of their nobility of character; their spirit radiates a strong light. They know that the love in their heart can achieve anything, especially when the request is made for someone else in need. What they dream of they achieve. They can be the mainstay of their family or great support in the workplace.

Their material things will be achieved through great struggle and at times even suffering. They have a nice reaction, friendly and comforting to people nearby. They will understand the sadness, because they know the inner heart of the human being.  They like the spirituality, philosophy and will be educated people. Their guardian angel makes them do a lot of reading, of all types, from newspapers to the specialized books.

Professionally: they can have success in activities related to medicine, philosophy, esotericism and media or as a manufacturer of toys, electrical appliances, paper (books) or pharmaceutical products, mainly those related to sleep.

Contrary Angel: Dominates atheism, life and the pernicious lie.  A person under the influence of this angel may also be a false prophet or magician, a good “vivant”, attacking spiritual dogma, to manufacture drugs evil, books or objects that defend erroneous doctrines.

Qualities (positive vibrations, gifts that can be received after invocation)

Victory; Renown, celebrity, success; Expertise; Life of devotion; Altruism, kindness; Receives the Light of God; Confidence, enthusiasm, joy; Successful initiations; Exalted love for Divine Work; Businesses that are useful and profitable for humanity; Can obtain anything from the great people of this world; Cosmic Organization.

Distortions (low vibrations that came after abusing the qualities)

Failure, envy, jealousy, pride, slander; Extravagance, ambition, greed for power; Refuses notoriety; Mediocre life; Wants only to enjoy physical resources; Uses trickery to succeed, perverse work; Aims too high or too low; Destruction by lightning, reprimand from Cosmic Intelligence; Excesses.

Situations and Common Problems

Accusations; Altruism; Calumny; Celebrity; Enthusiasm; Jealousy; Joy; Lightning; Optimism; Pride.

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