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Angel of the Day


Eileen Elias Freeman is the director of the AngelWatchTM Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit organization that serves as a major resource center on the topic of angels, and the editor and publisher of its bimonthly newsletter, AngelWatch. She is the best-selling author of Touched by Angels, (1992) Angelic Healing, (1994) and The Angel’s Little Instruction Book (1994). She holds a bachelor of arts degree in comparative religion from Barnard College and a master’s degree in theology from the University of Notre Dame.

Eileen Freeman’s life has indeed been touched by angels. When she was five years old her much-loved grandmother died. She had always been a very fearful child, but when her grandmother died her fears mounted to the point that she could not sleep at night. One night she was sitting up in bed when a light started growing at its foot. As she watched, the growing light began to take human form. The being, who identified himself as Eileen’s guardian angel, looked at the young Eileen and told her not to be afraid, that her grandmother was happy in heaven with God and the people she loved.

Freeman wrote Touched by Angels to show the many ways angels affect the lives of humans. In the book she shares accounts of people whose lives have been changed by angels, including her own. One of the most important things she conveys is that when angels come into people’s lives, they come to bring an important message, not for any trivial reason.

When Freeman was in college, she was again touched by an angel, quite literally this time. She was entering the apartment building of a friend when she felt a hand on her shoulder that pulled her back. She turned around but no one was there. She again started to go into the building, but was again stopped. This time she heard a voice telling her that it would not be wise for her to enter the building at that time. When she called her friend later that day he told her that a woman had been stabbed to death in the elevator by a drug dealer.

It was as a result of these encounters with angels that Eileen Freeman founded the nonprofit AngelWatch Foundation, whose purpose is to search for evidence of angelic activity in the world, and to disseminate the information as widely as possible.

Later in her life, while preparing to be hospitalized for major surgery, Eileen Freeman was again touched by an angelic presence. She suffered a violent reaction to an antibiotic and was visited by an angel who embraced her with light and warmth and peace. Within an hour, she began to heal. It was because of this experience that Eileen wrote Angelic Healing: Working with Your Angels to Heal Your Life. In addition to her own experiences, Eileen relates the real-life stories of many other people who have been healed through the intervention of angels.

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