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Angel of the Day



Bible scripture according to this name: Psalm 34:5
“I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.”
Latin name: Deus Salvator
Meaning: God the saviour
Choir of angels (jewish): Chajoth ha Qadesh
Archangel (jewish): Metathron
Choir of angels (christian): Seraphim

This angel is invoked to live in peace with everyone. This angel has control of philosophy and theology, the high sciences, the arts and the professions.

Influence: Those born under this angel’s influence, learn everything easily and quickly, including languages, because it brings back memories of other incarnations.  They are always transforming – being born, dying and being reborn in all areas, both sentimental and professional life.

They are endowed with great inner balance, sense of justice, generosity and wisdom. They will spare no effort when it comes to spiritual growth, theirs or their family. Always acting in accordance with the law, social or human. They are an example of virtue and the bright light of their aura can be seen clearly on their shoulders and head.

Their truth is in their rationality, discussed through the study of philosophy. They have the ability to work with spiritual energies and communication with angels in order to serve the angelic world. They will like meditation centres, conferences, congresses and spiritual seminars.

They always retain awareness when using spirituality. They will only serve their truth, which is God.  They tend to live in gentle ways. Their home may be broad, clear, comfortable, filled with flowers and symbolic objects and will probably have a large library.

Professionally: They can succeed in the arts, probably painting, decorating or working with objects of art, using it for its refined taste and a natural gift for the arts.

Contrary Angel: Dominates ignorance, debauchery and all the bad qualities of the body (eating and drinking too much) and spirit (psychological disturbances). Whoever is under this angel’s influence can exploit the good faith of friends and family via the superstition, using spiritual wickedness and making use of black magic. They will be religious fanatics, advocates of moral convention, talking about laws and dogmas without understanding or studying the subject. They can cynically consider themselves the best, with their good – but false – conduct.

Qualities (positive vibrations, gifts that can be received after invocation)

Rectification of errors; Reforms, re-establishes Divine Order; Rectifies what is growing crooked before it materializes; Facilitates learning; Capacity to live in peace and enjoy simple, natural things; Successful exams; Admittance into a school of initiation; Dream analysis, study of symbolic language; Decoding everyday signs; Aptitude for initiatory science; Improvement of one’s character, a beautiful and happy existence;  Aptitude for languages.

Distortions (low vibrations that came after abusing the qualities)

Resentment, prejudice, arrogance, tendency to want revenge; Wicked, pernicious; Ignorance; Debauchery, sexual abuse; Denial of one’s errors, poor character, difficult to live with; Difficulty with learning, poor choices, authoritarianism; Joining a spiritual movement to escape reality; Precarious health.

Situations and Common Problems

Dreams; Erasing; Examination; Languages, Learning and speaking; Rectify.

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