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psPast Life Reading

      Your angels can help you remember your past lives. By understanding the journey that your soul has made, you can help yourself heal from emotional, spiritual, and physical wounds.

Past Life Reading contains:

        Your past; Your path;
        Previous incarnation; Your lessons.

Reading length: approx 11 pages.

Price: $14.90

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Archangels Reading

      A complete reading about your life covering a period of a year, between two birthdays. Find out what is out there for you: opportunities, dangers and how to avoid them, how to improve yourself and your relations.

Archangels Reading contains:

      Prevision for a year (between two birthdays)
      Important events of the year
      Message from your Guardian Angel

Reading length: approx 20 pages.

Price: $19.90

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Angel Card

      A divine message form the Angel of the moment. Please wait 5 minutes before asking the next question. Every Angel rules approximately 5 minutes of the day (after 6 hours they repeat). Don’t abuse the Angel Oracle.

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  1. Clear your mind.
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The answer will be revealed for you.

Your Angels

Your Angels

Contains: the Incarnation Angel (with description), the Heart Angel and the Intellect Angel.

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Love Reading

Contains: your current situation regarding your love life, marriage, hidden things, attitude and future.

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Boria, Angel


boria_angelThe Angels of Omnipotence and Omniscience
Also known as The Angels of Boria


We are the consciousness of the last degree of the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces the wisdom of the heart, and we embody the culmination of all the teachings of the other 359 angel groups.

The final and last step is the uniting of heaven and earth, the microcosm and the microcosm in all wisdom, power, and love. We give you thorough information on the akasha, which is the principle of God-penetrating-all. We teach you the correlative effects of the four planes of consciousness which are will, mind, emotion and form. These represent the elements of fire, air, water, and earth. We do this work in the whole microcosm and the macrocosm, which means all the dimensions of your own personal reality and the larger reality of the whole universe.

We especially do this as regards other spheres and planets of the solar system and the rest of the universe, and show you their effects on the earth. It is important to open your mind to “possibility thinking”, particularly to the possibility of worlds beyond the earth. This is our domain where you can learn the most from us.

We teach you to actually manifest the qualities and knowledge from other spheres on the physical plane, as well as the will, mind, and the emotions.

We make known to you technologies, original substances, chemical elements and compounds from other spheres, unknown on earth, and we help you manifest these on earth. We give you exact information on the miraculous application of their effects and their influence, and their practical use in the existing technologies and chemistries of earth.

Guided by us, it is definitely possible to become like us, all-knowing and all-powerful in respect of the microcosm as well as the macrocosm, and like us you cannot be governed by any other being but the One, Unpersonified Divine Providence.

The human body temple is similar to an amazing computer that has unlimited capabilities. A person can use this computer for simple tasks or for nothing at all, or a person can use this computer to create and run entire universes. In previous angel messages the angels have given you methods such as the Tibetan exercise of paradox, eye movement exercise, recapitulation, and certain practices of attunement and meditation to enable the brain to utilize much more of its functional capability. What is extremely difficult or seemingly impossible to achieve from one perspective, i.e., within the beta brain-wave state of consciousness, proves easy or almost automatic from another perspective, “higher consciousness” of alpha, delta and theta brain functioning.

Master yogis within controlled laboratory experiments have succeeded in stopping their breathing and heart beating without physical damage to themselves for periods much longer than previously thought possible by utilizing their whole brains. It’s all a matter of exercising your whole brain to reawaken.

Each one of you reading this has a physical body that is HARD WIRED, by the fact of DNA, brain wave potentials, psychoactive neuropeptides, and many other factors, for complete enlightenment. As you learn to work within the realm of polarity in Alpha and Beta brainwave states at the same time that you work within the realm ofthe unified field, the oneness, in the Delta and Theta brainwave states you can easily attain all of the angelic states of the 360 degrees of the zodiac.

We say “easily” because on the level of the unified field you already have attained this consciousness in order to manifest a spiritual body of will, a mental body of thought, an emotional body of feeling, and a physical body of quantum particles.

One “difficulty” holding you back from claiming who you really are is limiting belief systems about what is realistically possible, preventing you from exercising your power of invocation and asking for miracles. Another major “difficulty” lies in not having been ever taught how to transmute the already created universes of will, thought, feeling, and matter that form your present ‘reality’.

In order to “Transmute” reality at the level of WILL OR INTENTION, invoke Us, the angels of Boria, and the state of Universal Consciousness to help you attune to Divine Will. Allow enough time for this invocation process to shift your consciousness into the higher brain-wave states.

Meditate on the letters Sch, S, and K, as has been explained all through these angel messages, and ask, or in computer language, “download” the energy and vibration of Primal-Will-to-Life for the Unified Field.

This is achieved consciously within delta or theta brain-wave states of awareness. Once you have downloaded this Divine Will, you are harmless at the same time that you achieve all-power, for you will never intend hurt to any part of the unified field since it is a part of your own consciousness.

Transmuting your ‘realities’ at the level of thought is done similarly, through attuning to Divine Wisdom, the letter

A, and asking, downloading, the entire state of Divine Consciousness in the realm of mind. Your brain is perfectly designed to do this, and it happens through meditation. This meditation is done simultaneously in the three brainwave states of deep inner being which is Delta, almost asleep, and then deeply absorbed, inner thought which is Theta, then emotionally merging with everything around you and within you which is known as the ‘cosmic’ dimension which is Alpha, and finally in “ordinary consciousness,” the five senses, memory, and logic of the Beta brainwave state.


INTEND TO ATTUNE TO DIVINE WISDOM AND BE RECEPTIVE AS IT DOWNLOADS THROUGH TIME AND SPACE. It downloads INTO YOUR AWARENESS WHILE YOU MEDITATE ON WISDOM, THE COLOR LIGHT BLUE, THE SENSE OF EASE, AND THE MUSICAL NOTE OF G FILLING ALL OF YOUR PHYSICAL BODY AND ALL OF THE OUTER UNIVERSES IN YOUR IMAGINATION. Enlightenment is available instantaneously in the Delta brainwave level of pure being, but takes increasing amounts of time to access it in the Theta, Alpha, and Beta levels. It is designed this way for ENJOYMENT AND FASCINATION in time and space, so that you may focus on one aspect of divine wisdom at a time. This is similar to using one computer program at a time even while all programs are available.

To transmute your emotional realities requires attuning to feelings as they come up and allowing them to flow freely according to Divine Laws of the Highest Good of All Concerned. Emotions are magnetic and attract like energies.

Negative emotions, if allowed to flow, will in time completely “run their course”, clear, and transmute into positive ones.

If they are denied, suppressed, bypassed, or dissociated from then they will continue to attract more negative emotional energy on an unconscious level until they are finally allowed to surface, flow, and heal and become positive once again. Positive feelings attract more positive feelings. These feelings attract actions by the human body in the terms of creations and also on a quantum level they attract the manifestation of forms on the physical plane.

To master miracles on the physical plane, and transmute the ‘reality’ of the physical plane, requires a mastery of the levels just described. Because of the reciprocal action of the Law of “As above so Below,” it is also possible to change physical reality first, such as physically turning a brown field toxic waste site into a pristine forest. In so doing you attract the emotions of beauty, triumph, courage, patience, love, etc and attract the corresponding thoughts and intentions. This is your inheritance and all life on earth depends on your claiming it.


B     Polarity: We have perfect control of Will and emotions in all spheres and
0     justice: we are unimpeachably ethical.
R     We embody freedom and independence with the feeling of absolute security and autonomy as Master of all laws.
I    Cause and effect: We have mastered the power to change “fate” along with complete wisdom and enlightenment
A    so that all may become enlightened.

“Boria,” our name in the cosmic alphabet could be translated thus, “We have attained complete sovereignty over manifestation, having mastered perfect control of karmic law and of will and emotion in all spheres. Our unimpeachable ethics give us absolute security and autonomy, even to be able to change karma, if need be, according to the highest good, in order to bring about wisdom and enlightenment. “

The melody of our name is A, C, C, G, and G. The colors of our name are light violet, ultramarine blue, golden light, light opal, and light blue.

The sensations combined with the meanings colors, and musical notes of our name are:
(letter B) the understanding of polarity, intoned with musical note, A, with a feeling of gravity and weight and a light violet color filling all of space;
(letter 0) the understanding of Divine Laws which carries the sensation of weight with an ultramarine blue color in the note of C;
(letter R) realization of complete freedom and independence, which has the feeling of ease with a golden light in the musical note of C;
(letter I) understanding of cause and effect that fills the universe with weight, the color of sparkling light opal in the musical note of G;
(letter A) attunement to complete wisdom and enlightenment of the mind that fills all of space with a sense of ease, a light blue color, and the musical tone of G.

As you become harmless, gain the use of whole brain thinking, and use your time and energy to learn the divine virtues through the cosmic language as the angels have taught you, we come to you when you ask, and teach you anything that you wish to know.

Throughout all time when a human being has done this, we have been the messengers of Divine Consciousness in uniting the macrocosm with the microcosm, transferring information from the Unified Field Computer through strings of energy that connect dimensions into the Child-of-God’ computer that you are. As above So below. On Earth as it is in Heaven. The Alpha and the Omega.

Ylemis, Angel


ylemis_angelThe Angels of Love Divine
Also known as The Angels of Ylemis


The power of Love Divine contains the sum of all the Divine Powers and surpasses all other expressions of Power combined in changing the realms of mind, feeling, and form.

(“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. “)

We are the angels who embody this perfect realization of Divine Love and the Ones to ask for it. The Divine Feminine Force is embodied in Love Divine, but Love Divine also embodies and carries forth the fulfillment of the Masculine Force, which is Will Divine.

The highest pinnacle of perfection in the microcosm of a human being or the macrocosm of the unlimited universes is Love Divine. There is absolutely nothing that can be sought for, or asked for, that surpasses the satisfaction, the happiness, the bliss, the ecstasy, THE POWER, or the perfection of Love Divine. Those who are feeling a lack of meaning and fulfillment in their lives are most assuredly missing this gift. IN ALL OF YOUR ASKING, IT IS THE ASKING FOR LOVE DIVINE AND THE GOAL OF EMBODYING LOVE DIVINE, THAT REACHES THE CULMINATION OF YOUR JOURNEY AS INCARNATE DIVINITY. DOING THIS GIVES BIRTH TO THE REALITY OF THE PHRASE, “YOU ARE MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD.”

“Know you not that you are Gods?”

When you read this message, if the desire leaps within your heart to become an expression of Love Divine, know that it is within your grasp to do so.

Know also that you must ask in order to receive. Such is the power and the nature of Free Will. This entreaty cannot be repeated too much, at least not until everyone claims their divine birthright – by asking for what the heart longs for.

Instead of continuing to affirm lack, ASK, knowing “It is already done”, with a heart full ofthe blessed feeling of answered prayer.

Once having asked, you set in motion a series of alchemical changes within your consciousness on all levels of will, mind, emotion, and form. The power and intensity of your desire when you ask determines the exact power and intensity of the ensuing changes that occur in response to the asking. Celebrate in advance. The emotional intensity of your sense of relief and gratitude as you affirm by faith the blessing of knowing in advance, “it is done”, that you have already been heard, determines your power in creating new reality.

As soon as you ask this way, in a real sense you have immediately created the new reality that your heart is longing for. Many seekers already know this principle of asking; but they often have been discouraged in using it because of their painful memories of praying and not seeing quick and visible results. When asking is not immediately reinforced by the desired outcome, what is the delay?

Any “newly created reality” must come down through the planes to its final culmination, the most dense, the material plane. So many times seekers become frustrated by not seeing an immediately tangible product of their asking, without realizing that they must ‘factor in’ delay time for the prayer to “go through channels”, filter down through the planes into manifestation. We wish to tell you that the key to quicker manifestation is passion, which gives it strength, combined with certainty. When this passion is the passion of Love Divine, the power of manifestation is the greatest of all.

Within the asking is contained the receiving. Within your longing is contained the asking. Within your passion and love is contained the speed of manifestation.

Do not ever be afraid of your longing. It is the measure of your power to co-create with God. Therefore, we instruct you to journey in awareness into the depth of your heart.

Journey deep into the furthest reaches of heart within you and find there the hidden treasure of your longing.

Search deeply and extensively, my children, for there is found the song of the mythical flutes of Pan, and nostalgia for the Perfection of God to manifest in the Perfection of Earth.

Search deeply and long, and find the longing of virgin for bridegroom, of child for Mother, of Mother for child.

Search deeply and long, my dearest kin, for deep within the heart are songs of heavenly angels, singing of Glory Divine, singing of Love Divine from the Heart of Divine Source to bring heaven to earth.

Search and unlock the gates of your mystical heart; in certainty you are Gods, made surely in the Divine Image.

Reclaim divine inheritance, oh children of God. Sing the song of Love Divine. Here is the melody of reaching the promised land. Rediscover the song of Phoenix, rising splendid from the ashes. Sing the song of asking. Hear the song of receiving.

Put on the raimament of Love Divine, your eternal birthright as Children of Light and Sound, the Being of the Most High. Know that with asking, your receiving is assured, just as day must follow night. Go within, find Passion.


Love Divine holds everything together, from smallest quantums, waves and particles, to giant infinity of space.

THIS is the Guiding Principle, the Prime Cause, and the Prime Effect.

We reveal to mature mystic and World Server the most sacred mysteries of Love Divine, and we teach the range of its power in the mental, astral and physical plane from the point of view of miracles. The realization of this divine love creates within a person the feeling of happiness which brings a person up to the highest grades of ecstasy.


Y     We impart the gift of absolute devotion to, and Deepest love for Divine Providence
L     as manifested in the purest divine virtues
E     seen everywhere throughout all of creation
M     through the surrendering, melting eyes of divine love
I    according to karmic law, “you get what you give”
S    to realize the most subtle essence ofthe divine spirit, The original divine fire working its power in everything created.

The melody of our name is C sharp, F,D, D, G, and G sharp. The colors of our name are pure pink, glowing clear dark green, deep dark violet, beautiful clear blue green, shimmering light opal, and fiery clear purple red. The sensations of our name are weight penetrating everything, ease, penetrating everything, flowing coolness, weight, and then fiery warmth.

Cigila, Angel


cigila_angelThe Angels of Divine Virtues
Also known as The Angels of Cigila


The constellation Pisces is the last constellation in the series of twelve. Pisces, the wisdom of the heart, is the destination and the culmination of all of the teachings of love, wisdom, and power of all of the other eleven constellations.

We are now in the last degrees of the last sign of the Zodiac.

As you can see from the previous few messages, these degrees represent increasingly complete and total enlighten-ment, the state of Divine Illumination in its most advanced and mature state that is possible for a human being.

When you have passed through the initiation of the Angels of Zalones, 27 degrees Pisces, you enter into our guidance and protection. We are special initiators into magical quabbalistic mysticism, which includes the knowledge and mastery of the cosmic language. We make you acquainted with methods which enable you to develop within yourself on all three planes–the mental, the emotional, and the physical- -the most perfect divine virtues by the help of the meditation techniques ofthe cosmic language.

Having developed within yourself these virtues, you will then find it easy to acquire all those faculties which are connected to these virtues.

By following our methods and guidance, you will become more and more mature in fulfilling carefully certain tasks according to the will of Divine Providence.

We only reveal these methods to those who have already reached a certain degree of maturity in miracles and the cosmic language during previous incarnations. There are no coincidences, most of you who are receiving these messages have qualified already in this respect.

According to teachings of Quaballah, a person “developed due to these methods is a god-like creature, a personified deity, equipped with all the virtues, powers and faculties, (in the image) and equal to Divine Providence.”

C     Initiating the spiritual into incarnation in a human being on the physical plane
I     who, through the mastery of Cause and Effect,
G     for the purpose of Grace and Mercy,
I     creates
L    the embodiment of the Divine Virtues within him or herself
A    so that all may become enlightened.

The melody of our name is D, G, F, G, F, and G.

Zalones, Angel


zalones_angelThe Angels of Avatars
Also known as The Angels of Zalones


When people have developed whole brain thinking and used it with the cosmic language in World Service over an extended period of time, they are ready for our assistance.

We teach all the mysteries of the microcosm and the macrocosm and we show a person how to acquire perfect divine cognition without having to choose the ancient ‘path of holiness’ which would require absorption into the Consciousness of the Divine and the subsequent loss of mystical individuality.

World Servers following our instructions are given missions and tasks by Divine Providence to carry out for the earth.

These tasks make them teachers or assistants of mankind by the force of miracles and the cosmic language. We protect each person under our guidance so that they can live peacefully and privately without the true force of their powers being known.

In the past, the path of high service to mankind was trod only by a select few in greatest secrecy. Those few who reached enlightenment were like isolated lamps in the darkness of the night of ignorance that covered the earth.

Because there are many more people upon the earth and the evolutionary rate of change is speeding up greatly, it is time for many more people to reach this high state of enlighten-ment and service. Thanks to both the technical inventions of the Aquarian age, and increasing telepathic awareness, isolation is also becoming a thing of the past. Many people are feeling the call to take matters into their own hands and bring about heaven on earth. This is a sign that they are feeling our call to inspire and guide them into complete empowerment.


Z     Highest Cognition
A     of wisdom and enlightenment
L    and the Divine Virtues manifests through
O     divine justice
N     Supreme happiness
E     for everyone
S     with power that penetrates all.

The melody of our name is G, G, F,C, A, D, and G sharp.

In the dawn of time, the lamps of the enlightened people that illumine the night are joined by greater and greater numbers of people until the Blazing Sun of the awakening of all mankind shines on earth like the SUN shines within the sky.

On earth as it is in heaven.

Tmiti, Angel


tmiti_angelThe Angels of Advanced Miracles
Also known as The Angels of Tmiti


We are the custodians of ADVANCED methods that we only reveal to mature seekers who are established in whole brain thinking and who thoroughly understand the Law of One. These methods enable a person to draw down from planets and spheres planetary powers in the manner of the cosmic language, and to use them for special miraculous operations in the three planes: the mental, the emotional, and the physical.

The effects brought about by the application of these powers are of such an enormous range that the average person would only think them possible in a dream.

The time has now come when these words; ‘All that I do ye shall do and more.” will be honored in miraculous works to heal the earth. We are available to each person who masters whole brain thinking and meditation and who embarks on a course of World Service. When the time comes for radical, far reaching, and sweeping changes on the levels of mind, feeling, and physical matter, we are the angels to ask for inspiration and guidance.

Here is our story:

Mark lives in a little house on the edge of a large northern metropolis. From his front yard he can see the skyscrapers and the dirty air hanging like a cloud over them. He is used to the weed covered railroad tracks, the empty polluted abandoned industrial sites, and the constant lack of beauty and order.

He is a patient man, and he is a wise man. He lives humbly because he is not enamored of the Religion of Materialism and Status. His IQ is off the charts, and he attended Stanford for a year and a half at the top of his class before he dropped out to study the mysteries of his own heart and spend time with his books of Ancient Wisdom.

Many years have passed. He lives alone and in peace. He loves the beautiful plants that have taken root in his small front yard, and watches eagerly each year as they flower and go through their cycles. He loves the rabbits and the chipmunks, the squirrels and the birds, and he feels like he is their guardian, protecting them with his love and fellowship.

Year after year he watches and waits as the world outside his front yard continues in ugliness and abandonment. No government agency comes and removes the asphalt and ugly rundown buildings, no laws are enforced to clean up the polluted air in the city on the horizon. He has waited so long, that now he believes that he is the only one who will do anything. So what can he do?

He goes outside to sit in his rickety lawn chair and ponder.

The half-tame wild rabbit comes hoping around wondering what the man is up to, for his energy has been unusually intense for several hours. The dragonfly hovers especially long that evening over the thistle plant, for even the dragonfly can sense that the man is up to something unusual. The sun begins to set, painting the sky orange and indigo blue. The man closes his eyes and leans further back in his chair. Deeply in prayer, the man is speaking with the angels of Tmiti.

“I am ready now Angels, I know within my heart that I must take full responsibility for this world outside my door. I can no longer wait for someone else to do the work that must be done to restore this earth to it’s pristine state.”

Going deeper and deeper into Delta and Theta brainwaves he continues, “Dear Angels of Tmiti, connect me with the fabulous and ancient beings of the Venus Sphere so that I may bring forth unconditional love and bliss upon this earth.”

He watches as his inward reality shifts. All of a sudden he sees and hears strange, yet somehow familiar beings, come lovingly into his presence. “What would you have of us, Mark?”, they ask telepathically.

He begins to outline to them the years that he has spent waiting for the world to come to its senses. Waiting for the Defense Budget to be spent entirely on restoring the environment of all countries and oceans, providing sustainable food and energy and resources to the world, establishing peace and plenty for all of God’s creatures: waiting years and years for people to turn their energies to creating beauty in their cities and countryside, of minimizing the use of the earth’s minerals, forests, and other resources, of promoting healthy cruelty free ways of eating and providing nutrition. He paints the entire picture of his life and everything that he has seen, and then he presents them with the whole situation combined with a plea for help.

“What we need,” he says, “Is unconditional love.”

In deep thoughtfulness they listen and in deep thought-fullness they pause in silence when he is finished.

Then, into his mind and feelings comes a powerful and sweeping consciousness of an Earth completely saturated

with unconditional love. His body becomes an inferno of pulsating gigantic energy emanations, the power of unconditional love unleashes through his mind and emotions, broadcasting out like a giant supernova filling all of space.

For hours he sits electrified in his chair as his entire being pulsates out THE PURE CONSCIOUSNESS OF ALL


Sometime later he begins to come back into some sort of normal consciousness. He is trembling. He gets up and goes back into the house. He feels like he has just swam through a storm at sea.

The next morning he wakes up and the air is clean over the city. There is an electricity in the air that is alive and undeniable. Over the next days and weeks the news is everywhere …. sweeping new changes in government, major new multi-national meetings implementing emergency measures and channeling all resources worldwide to remedying every error made by man over the last few hundred years.

People have their cars quickly retooled to use fuel cells, and houses are outfitted with non-polluting new technology power generators. Factory farming is shut down, dams are removed so that rivers are free flowing, forests are restored, no fish zones are enforced, every source of pollution is replaced with new technology. World finances are rechanneled so that each person is free to turn to whatever tasks are at hand to restore their sanctity of life. All media is used to explain the necessity of each step that is being taken and give encouragement and invite public participation.

Unconditional love is everywhere. Weapons are “beaten into plowshares”, their materials wisely recycled. Every man and woman “have their vine and fig tree”. The earth is restored.

T     High inspiration and the ability to work miracles combines with
M     Passionate Love and the ability
I     to use the Laws of Cause and Effect.
T     The miracles that are created
I     have a domino effect and creates a cascading series of more miracles.

The melody of our name is F, D,G, F, and G.

Choose your Angel and stay in touch: