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Your Angels

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Dream Interpretation Battle / battlefield

In general:
The people who were during the war, are pursued later still long in her dreams of all in what they have taken part. But during the war they dream of peace and hope. Who saw no war, for that war dreams are tips to private ‘battles’ and ‘battles’ with themselves or other. Aggression, rage, grief or compassion are found as the most frequent elements in war dreams. Which it also concerns specifically, always it is significant because it documents which feeling or which conflict has released this dream in the awake life. The key to the actual occasion of the dream mostly allows to discover, e.g., by identification of the being confronted armies, the scenery or the uniform of the soldiers. The course of the battle (Who has won who lost which manoeuvres there were, and which tactics was applied?) is of also great importance for the practical application of the dream. If one belonged in the dream to a regiment involved in the war, is this one cipher that security also lies in the big number. A dream of an invasion refers to the fact that somebody interferes with the personal matters, however, the violent or psychologically own interference can also mean symbolically in the living space more different.
Psychological dream dictionary:
Battle can announce excitement and disputes. However, often she asks to do the first step to the reconciliation with an opponent. Now and again she also points to the touchy weakness of the nervous system which must be treated. Also a frequent man’s dream if the woman of dreams lets out no trick, around with opposition, verbal declarations of war and little refusal plays the (erotic) tension so hochzuschaukeln that the ‘tired hero’ is ready to perfect his ‘conquest tactics’ with constantly new (and costlier) to means. His passionate battle plan pursues him till the sleep.
(Dream interpretation – arab tradition):

see: one wants to fight against you, – danger!
are present at one: difficult obstacles have to overcome, – one should let by his decisions the highest care prevail,
battlefield: you will be got involved in scuffle, – you still have to overcome difficulties,
stand on the winner’s side: one may hope for a life in luck and wealth,
stand on the loser’s side: one will suffer by an unknown enemy soon substantial damage.


This sign draws the attention of you to the fact that you are about to proceed in a difficult situation – and probably without real cover. Act with the biggest care! Stand recognizably on the winner’s side, find in the love soon big luck. Otherwise the statement of this picture depends very much on the remaining signals. It is important above all to know the opponent and to know on which side you are. An invisible or unknown enemy in a battle embodies the foreign regulation in the life. (Man

+ / woman +)
(Dream interpretation – European tradition):

nervous Überreizung reminds to think of the health and to live more carefully, – the after-effect of own war experiences explains in the dream of soldiers, – generally confidential hostility means a lot of excitement bring, – with difficulties have to fight, however, those master, finally, – quarrel with neighbours or beloved people,
are present at one: you will reach by courage and boldness to your aim, – nevertheless, by indecision and inconstancy you will get in need, – depending on whether other visions come: your lover would like to cheat you, – you will suffer disappointments, – danger before pursuit, – if you are married financial difficulties,
threaten you
on the winner’s side be: one will overcome the difficulties,
are defeated in one: bad shops will ruin more different own views.


experience: you will be reconciled with your friends again.


In times of war, soldiers often embrace a stronger bond with religion and the supreme being, which may be due to the closeness and possibility of death in battle. It is not unusual, therefore, for soldiers to witness apparitions of holy figures that can be interpreted as needed guidance. While most of these visions are witnessed by one person, and can be regarded as either hoaxes or products of an overactive imagination, there are a number of cases where apparitions of angels, saints, and other religious figures during battles have been documented by a large number of people.

Many warring nations, especially those with Christian populations, often call upon patron saints to guide their forces during battle. For example, England calls upon St. George, while Spain enlists the guidance of St. Leo the Elder, and St. Michael and Joan of Arc are driving forces in France. Moreover, there have also been a number of angelic appearances. Both the Old and New Testament contain such stories. However, many more such cases have occurred since the writings of these books and are documented in other historical records.

During the fifth century A.D., Attila and his tribe of Huns battled Romans and other European civilizations. When he and his forces were threatening Rome, he was approached by Pope Leo who pleaded for the safety of the city. Attila immediately removed his army from the vicinity, claiming that as the Pope was speaking, he witnessed “two shining beings not of this earth” standing beside him. The figures had flaming swords, and threatened Attila with death if he proceeded further. The Church later was convinced that the two figures were Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

When the Goths invaded Gaul in A.D. 433, St. Albin (who was then archbishop of the city of Embrun) called upon and prayed to St. Marcellinus for the protection of the city. The Goths had laid siege to the city, and eventually reached the immediate fortifications. During the battle, a vision of St. Marcellinus appeared with a legion of angels, which threw the assailants from the walls and turned the Goth’s weapons against them. The Goths were slaughtered, and the survivors fled in panic.

In A.D. 624, at the battle of Bedr, Mohamet and his army of about three hundred soldiers defeated the Koreishites, which numbered in the thousands. According to reports, leading Mohamet’s army on a white horse was the archangel Gabriel.

In the middle part of the sixteenth century, the Asian tribe of Badagars were intent on killing a local missionary named Francis Xavier and wiping out all Christians in the nearby settlements of Trauancor and Comorinum. When Xavier learned of their plan, he went alone to confront them. As he appeared before the army of Badagars, the army’s officers claimed that a large figure stood beside Xavier, with lightning coming from his eyes. At that point, the army was ordered to retreat.

On October 7, 1571, the navy of Selim II, sultan of the Turks, was defeated at the battle of Lepanto. The battle is always ascribed to Pope Pius V, who, during a Rosary procession on that date, suddenly opened a window and announced to participants, “It is now time to give thanks to God for the great victory He has granted to our arms.” Official records state that at the same time the Pope made his announcement, the Turkish navy received its defeat. Turkish sailors taken pris oner avowed that they witnessed Jesus Christ, Saint Peter, Saint Paul, and an army of angels with swords in hand fighting against the Turks. The angels blinded the Turks with the smoke of their own cannons. This incident helped confirm Pius for canonization in 1712.

The twentieth century is not without its share of appearances by angelic figures during battles. One of the most famous sightings occurred during the First World War at the Battle of Mons in 1914 (see Angels of Mons). Another account occurred in July of 1918, in a battle near Bethune, France. British soldiers watched in amazement as German artillery began shelling some open ground between the front lines of the two armies. When the shelling stopped, the German infantry rose up from their trenches and began marching toward the field in mass formation. Suddenly, they halted, then retreated in confusion. Accounts from German prisoners state that they witnessed a brigade of cavalry approaching the German lines across the open field. The Germans thought that they were colonial militia, as they were all dressed in white and were mounted on white horses. As they got into range, the cavaliers were then attacked with machine gun fire. However, not one mounted soldier nor horse fell from the onslaught. When the troops were within clear view of the Germans, it was noted that the whole cavalry brigade was being led by a golden-haired rider carrying a sword at his side. The Germans fled in panic.

During the end of World War II, the Russian army was advancing through Danzig, East Prussia (now Gdansk, Poland). Children were temporarily living in a makeshift schoolhouse, which although in peril of being bombarded by Russian artillery, survived and was known as “the island of peace.” One evening, during a prayer service at the schoolhouse, a young boy who had no religious upbringing began verbally pressing upon one of the nurses, saying, “It came up to here on them” as he tapped his breastbone. When the nurse asked what he meant, the boy explained he had seen men ablaze with light in every corner of the building, and that they were so tall the gutters on the roof came up to their chests.

The continent of Africa has seen a lot of violence within the past few decades due to political and social turmoil. In one instance during the Jeunesse Rebellion in the Congo, a rebel army advanced upon a school where approximately two hundred children of missionaries lived, with the intent of killing everyone at the residence. The school was only protected by a fence and a few soldiers, while the rebels numbered in the hundreds. For three days, the rebels attempted to storm the school, but each time they approached, they would suddenly stop and retreat. One wounded and captured rebel, when asked why his army did not attack, stated that each time they approached the school, they witnessed hundreds of soldiers dressed in white surrounding the compound.

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