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psPast Life Reading

      Your angels can help you remember your past lives. By understanding the journey that your soul has made, you can help yourself heal from emotional, spiritual, and physical wounds.

Past Life Reading contains:

        Your past; Your path;
        Previous incarnation; Your lessons.

Reading length: approx 11 pages.

Price: $14.90

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Archangels Reading

      A complete reading about your life covering a period of a year, between two birthdays. Find out what is out there for you: opportunities, dangers and how to avoid them, how to improve yourself and your relations.

Archangels Reading contains:

      Prevision for a year (between two birthdays)
      Important events of the year
      Message from your Guardian Angel

Reading length: approx 20 pages.

Price: $19.90

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Angel Card

      A divine message form the Angel of the moment. Please wait 5 minutes before asking the next question. Every Angel rules approximately 5 minutes of the day (after 6 hours they repeat). Don’t abuse the Angel Oracle.

How to do it

  1. Clear your mind.
  2. Think about your question.
  3. Click on the picture.

The answer will be revealed for you.

Your Angels

Your Angels

Contains: the Incarnation Angel (with description), the Heart Angel and the Intellect Angel.

Price: $9.95

Love Reading

Love Reading

Contains: your current situation regarding your love life, marriage, hidden things, attitude and future.

Price: $9.95

Career Reading

Job Career Reading

Contains: your current situation, business partnership, your career, attitude and future.

Price: $9.95

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In many religious traditions considerable attention is given to the place in which worship and other religious activities occur, and circular forms often have symbolic significance with regard to such locations. Circles can, for example, represent the earth and the mother principle.

Hinduism and Buddhism employ the creation of mandalas, which are circular meditation diagrams. According to the South Asian tradition, meditating on mandalas allows access to different realms of consciousness. In a roughly parallel manner, magic circles are viewed as doorways to alternate realities. In ceremonial magic, magicians cast (create) a circle around themselves as protection. Circles keep out negative energies and entities, whether they be demons or angels. The utilization of circles for protection is actually quite old. During the Medieval period in the West, for example, circles would be drawn on the floor around the seriously ill or around newborns and their mothers to protect them from demonic forces. Circles are also cast to contain the energies that are created within the circle during a given ritual. They become invisible boundaries that one cannot cross without disrupting the energy.

There are several ways of conceiving the circle as a kind of energy containment field. With respect to such activities as casting a spell, for example, the circle allows energy to build up without leaking out into the surrounding area until the proper moment comes when the energy is projected outward in a concentrated burst. More generally, the circle provides an arena within which the “vibrations” of a group’s energy can be altered so as to draw the participants nearer to the Other World.

In most religious traditions there is a belief that the normally unseen spiritual world coexists in the same time and space as the physical world in what might be referred to as a different dimension. What separates them is their differing “rates of vibration” (understood literally or metaphorically). Thus, in order to enter into a rapport with the Other World, one needs to create a space-in this case, the circle-within which the rate of vibration can be modified.

In occult traditions, the other dimensions are understood as constituting a series of different realms, or “planes,” arranged according to rate of vibration. It is the subtle energies found in these other realms that one manipulates during magical operations. In occult literature, the plane closest to the physical world is referred to as the etheric plane, so the subtle energies of this realm are often termed “etheric energies.” Etheric energies are subdivided into four categories according to the four classical elements of Greek philosophy: earth, air, fire, and water. Hence, they are sometimes also referred to as elemental energies. It is from these etheric energies that the magician constructs the circle.

As consecrated space in the physical realm-yet space that has also been “etherialized” by being raised in vibration-the interior of the circle is, in a sense, between the worlds. From this energized space-a physical/etheric temple floating between the worlds-it is easy for participants to extend their imagination into the other realms and facilitate magical operations. By the same token, it is easy for spiritual entities and other powers to be drawn near the participants.

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