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Your Angels

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Love Reading

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Dream Interpretation Doctor



(European ones).:

    she ruins

  • Dreaming a young woman of a doctor, by excessive conduct her beauty. If she is ill, illness and worries come up to them whom she overcomes fast, unless, the doctor seems to be very procured, – then her suffering will worsen and end in tortures.


Association: – Work on the healing.Question: – Which part of me is ready to become healthy?


His appearance hangs up together with the diagnosis of our soul that something must be in us which should be cured. The soul wants with her curative strength in the consciousness hineinwirken and help to remove being off sick conflict materials. The doctor in the dream points out to the fact that the dreaming should turn in health problems to a higher authority. Doctor can appear in the positive one if he seems trust-waking as a healer for body and soul, play maybe also the role of a gentle father, teacher or counsellors from whom one receives concrete recommendations for the life. The doctor can often point to the dreaming which problem must be solved and hope for help in a complicated situation and on a good, successful exit express. However, he also appears partially only as a warning. From the doctor in the dream to made diagnoses often seem to be without any sense to border his remedial methods on magic. However, from experience one knows that the doctor already signals this in the dream often long time before outbreak of the real illness or the psychic conflicts. Now and again the doctor also appears in negative as a menacing figure what often points to excessive fear of illnesses (hypochondria). If the dreaming sees himself as a doctor, this is a sign for the fact that he wishes the qualities calling this occupation, namely authority, knowledge and rule about life and death. Also one will attain more self-knowledge and solve problems better. Should the dream be properly interpreted, the inclusion of the specialisation of the doctor is necessary. A surgeon could be a tip to the fact that the dreaming would like to cut out something from his life. A practical doctor concentrates the attention of the dreaming on his general condition. However, a psychiatrist symbolises the need to deal with the mental sensitivities. If the doctor is a person whom the dreaming knows personally, then he maybe embodies an important authority’s figure.


A doctor in the dream refers to the fact that the dreaming finds an access to his internal healer. He symbolises not only selfhealing forces, but he can also take the role of a counsellor, a father-figure or leading figure.


For all going to court the doctors whom one looks in the dream have the same meaning like defender. One which carried on a lawsuit dreamt, he is laid low ill and is without medical assistance. It happened to him that he was let down by his defender, – the illness pointed to the process, because one says that both, going to court as well as sick people, to the crisis come. However, the doctors indicated at the defenders. The unconscious probably gets by without learnt illness catalogue of the doctors. It also uses seldom their Greek-Latin artificial language, this quite necessary gibberish, – but it is sure in his diagnosis still astonishingly and knows in his special Traumsprache which decipher the context, the deliberate inspirations of the dreamer and the help of a dream-expert, astonishingly clearly around the causes of this psychic, in the simile of physical illness of expressing suffering.



  • see: unsteady conduct will cause remorse, – an illness registers under circumstances, – (30, 34) one should stronger pay attention to his health and not neglect them,
  • see one as an old man: one looks in a thing for a way out, an advice or help,
  • shout: A strong friend will help you from the need.
  • speak: Hopes will appear,
  • comes to the house: Something is not with you in order. Pay attention to your health.
  • feel from him operated: Sick person quick recovery, healthy illness,
  • reject him: indicates at wrong friends, bad advice or problems hardly to be solved.


  • This dream sign stands for general improvement and stabilisation, however, also wants to say you that your present situation is less pleasant than you may admit it to yourselves. From the outside you should accept help though and use, nevertheless, learn in the long term to build on own strength.

(European ones).:

  • search one because of an illness: in close future illness and differences between members of the family,
  • see, as a healthy: bad premeaning, – forthcoming indispositions, – also: if a warning keeps or because of carried too far fear of an illness, – however, can register also an illness which needs of a treatment
  • as a sick person: Hope for recovery available,
  • speak as a healthy one: old hopes will come true, – however, one should pay attention to his health stronger,
  • speak as a sick person one: hope insists that the illness can be cured,
  • deal with an unpleasant one: Warning before wrong friends and joyless situations,
  • see one which treats an injured person: somebody from family or circle of acquaintances will marry,
  • see making a skin cut without on blood to bump: are tormented by a bad person, – possibly his debts must pay,
  • see making a skin cut and into blood bump: Loser in a financial transaction,
  • see themselves as such: To achieve strains, bigger profits or to improve the situation in financial regard, will be crowned by success, – wish for better social position,
  • hit with a social occasion: Well-being, because you are not obliged to spend money on his services,
  • for a young woman them intends to marry one, this warns about deception.


  • you will be penitent, what you done, whether good or bad,
  • and finds the way back the right way again.

(See also healing, doctor)




  • become: if wedding, married respect promises to young people.

(European ones).:

  • longing for good appearance to come to success and luck – often on sexual base, – also says that one should be on the alert,
  • somebody: one will fall from favour,
  • are doctored: if engagement or wedding, older material luck brings to young people.


  • are doctored: you receive an invitation, should not accept them, however.

(See also hairdresser)

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