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      Your angels can help you remember your past lives. By understanding the journey that your soul has made, you can help yourself heal from emotional, spiritual, and physical wounds.

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      A complete reading about your life covering a period of a year, between two birthdays. Find out what is out there for you: opportunities, dangers and how to avoid them, how to improve yourself and your relations.

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Your Angels

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Love Reading

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Dream Interpretation Ball (play)

Association: – Ball: Integration, – entirety. Ball game: Integration of the individual and collective consciousness. Healthy competition. Question: – Ball: Which parts of my being do I unite? Ball game: What would like I to participate in? In which group do I adapt myself?
Psychological dream dictionary:
There is no perfect body! If the dreaming takes part in a ball game (see also ‘plays’), he is aware of his need according to an order as well as after freedom. Ball games remind on the one hand of the childhood and are also associated with rest and spare time. On the other hand the fight for the ball or right treatment of the ball shows always also an erotic symbol. It is important for the more exact interpretation to characterise the way of the ball game and to cover to own life setting. The ball to the play is translated like the ball (see there) an entirety symbol, comparably to the earth ball and the solar ball: the psychic energy advisable in movement. Who plays in the dream with the ball, something can also lose or can be made to the match ball of his feelings, get stuck on a thing which is worth the application not really. Often we believe light play to have, but one will hit to us just then maybe a trick. As in the fairy tale of the frog prince in which the golden ball plays a key role the ball in the dream is a symbol for change or change processes with the dreaming. Ball (ball) can stand for the destiny which joins in to us willy nilly, – however, partly he also symbolises the totality of a personality which is closed in itself. Depending on what happens with the ball the following meanings arise:

A ball to follow, points to a need for freedom, however, refers also to the fluorescent side of the personality.
a ball game can indicate a turn, with the concurrent uncertainty in which direction the luck will bend.
Who fun has in the ball game, also has fun in the sex, but of whom the ball slips out permanently, often changes the partner or it is not maybe contently with his respect.
a goal with a football can score as a tip to a chance are interpreted which one may not miss because one hits the mark, besides.
Becoming one of a ball grieved, meet maybe soon the mood of the destiny, – mostly this is an unfavorable portent.
The floppy or vacuous ball sometimes points to contradictoriness in the personality which is not rounded, however, lack of energy and energy can also register.
Appearing a yellow ball in the dream play, one remembers
whether one contributed something to the play or whether one stood in the side line and did not take part because of fear. There are still many other accompanying circumstances with which a ball or a ball can appear in the dream, – they must be always interpreted individually.
Solar parties and lunar parties, but also feelings of impenetrable completeness are symbolised at spiritual level often by a ball.
(Dream interpretation – arab tradition):
in general: the destiny plays with us and, besides, one can lose time, win his luck or give up himself,
see: Signs for joy and luck,
play with it: it become your time with pointless things vertändeln, – warning of love affair,
with another person play: Confirmation for a good partner find,
with a coloured child play ball: you act blindly, – a disappointment approaches which is fast overcome, however,
hit: big disagreement,
carry: The possibility is there to make it to you lighter, however, it lies in you to seize them.
(Dream interpretation – European tradition):
see: cheerful mind, – the destiny plays with us, – besides, one can lose time, win his luck or give up himself,
with it play: Worries are lifted by good news, – the luck stands before a turn, – a warning before superficial love affairs,
with a coloured child balloon play: one soon will been disappointing, however, pain is fast overcome,
with a person play ball: a tip to a good new partnership (professionally or privately),
with the dear partner play ball: Signs for a mutually very positive respect,
give away or get as a gift: unexpected joy,
are met by one: Incommodities,
lose: one will find something which is from use.

Dream Interpretation Ball (dance) / ballroom

Psychological dream dictionary:
The dance party in the dream also allows to visit for the awake life joy and cheerfulness expect. The ball is often valid as a tip of the unconscious of making more from his life of dealing more extensively with his environment. This symbol for cultured pleasure in the big style expresses often also the wish for recognition, admiration or after social rise. One would like to become before the eyes more different the centre and ‘brilliantly standing there’ (= an evening dress etc.) – sometimes also within a respect.
(Dream interpretation – arab tradition):

are present at one: indicates at special luck,
visit: it become big pleasure, big pleasure take,
enter ballroom: Several love affairs stand before the door. The right decision is difficult.
(pleasure) see: you will be soon present at an engagement or wedding,
on a dancing: Engagement and wedding.

(Dream interpretation – European tradition):

points to a shining future, – pleasure finds,
of fully dancing people: if luck,
an empty ballroom: if a disappointment announces,
one enjoys himself: Esteem and luck of sides of the others,
one does not enjoy himself: one will become the object of the clap,
dance on it: you have very good views, – quick engagement,
see themselves among the dancers: advantageous news reaches you,
see dance others and having a good time: a long-preserved wish will not come true.

Dream Interpretation Ball

Psychological dream dictionary:
The ball is always a symbol for completeness and entirety and from there a vision always positively to be interpreted. By the ball and all spherical things becomes in the dream always a psychic propulsion verbildlicht. The dream of a ball or similar forms like ball and circle expresses the wish for mental balance and overcoming contrasts of the dreaming. It is evaluated like the circle, however, even more dynamically. Often she circumscribes the good core of the dreamer and his respect with the environment which could develop pleasantly. The dream of a ball has power and dignity on the subject. The dreaming feels the strength in himself to form a worth living future. Ball is also understood as a warning before the mood of the destiny, admonishes in particular not too careless and be in high spirits. If the dreaming looks at a ball in his dream – particularly if it concerns a globe – this refers to the fact that he recognises a bigger horizon and should appropriate a global perception. The narrow-mindedness is substituted bit by bit with a more global radius of experience and the perception is refined. Looked the dreaming a glass ball, he maybe sees a life style which is perfect though, but is concluded by the outside world. In the glass ball one recognises indecision and decisive weakness. The ball is a symbol for the Ganzheitlichkeit of the life.
At the spiritual level the ball in the dream symbolises the wish of the dreaming for Ganzheitlichkeit. It is a symbol of the ideal universe and the heavenly perfection.
(Dream interpretation – arab tradition):

see: of a changeable one mostly dark future go towards, – does not let in you in the next time on risqué enterprises or plays,
lift: you will begin new actions successfully,
hold in the hand: the future is protected, – good chances in the occupation,
an iron one: one will often energetically assert himself in the life still,
of glass: one should not challenge his luck frivolously,
allow to roll: Luck in the play have,
see before himself herlaufen: bad success,
pour: a risqué enterprise will overthrow you in the downfall, – does not let in you in dangerous things, – also: you will have heavy disputes,
throw in the air: you challenge the destiny frivolously,
drop: you give up a promising thing,
flies on: Esteem for danger,
are met of it: make yourselves on the worst calm, – illness,
see flying in the house: you will come to danger,
play with it: Frustration, – your property will decrease.

(Dream interpretation – European tradition):

symbol of the changeable luck,
see: meant changeable luck,
hold one in the hand: very good professional chances wait on one,
of glass: if means unstableness and indecision,
see an iron one: one will meet all dangers with bravery,
for shooting: Superiority with the speech and action is right,
billard balls and bowls: warn about arrogance,
falling ones: one will have to give up an up to now promising plan soon,


play with it: Warning of carelessness,
are met of it: Misfortune,
see: great danger.

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